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Install or delete other applications Send and receive data via Bluetooth and access Bluetooth profiles Register a filter with the web browser Change configuration and user settings

<string>MyCoSAN</string> <key>cluster_path</key> <string>/Volumes/MyCoSAN</string> <key>cluster_type</key> <string>combined</string> <key>members</key> <array> <string>snowcat.lbc</string> </array> <key>name</key> <string>MyCoSAN</string> <key>path</key> <string>/Volumes/MyCoSAN</string> </dict> </plist>

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Going back to the blogger application, when the data Web service is updated internally, there is no need to update Ajax or the GUI Web service This illustrates the next advantage of having multiple applications and HTTP servers When generating the HTML content, you ll likely not only be pulling data from a single Web service, but you ll be generating content based on multiple Web services Thus, you don t want a single Web service to support all representations, as the resulting Web service would be too complex and inefficient In Figure 5-7, the mashup server guicompanycom doesn t need to generate GUI content The mashup server could have been another Web service that generated more complex content The idea behind using multiple Web services is to modularize the application using Web services as the contract Going back to resources and representations, the Web service server ws.

Table 9-1. Application Permissions (continued)

Once the cluster is configured, you can verify in the Mail Service s overview that clustering is enabled, as seen in Figure 5-42.

New to 10.6 is Apple s Push Notification service. The push notification requires minimal configuration and can be started through Server Admin. In order to take advantage of the push notification services provided by OS X Server, services must be configured to utilize the server. The Mail and iCal services are the only services shipping with 10.6 that can be configured to use the push notification service, shown in Figure 5-43. To enable Push notifications for one of these services, configure it in the desired services configuration screen.

Reset security timer to prevent the device from locking Simulate user events Share data and messages with other apps Connect to corporate MDS network

companycom can generate three types of content: JSON (application/json) XML (application/xml) CSV (application/csv) The three types of content represent the same data in three different formats The rule of thumb for separation of resource from representation is: same data, different formats If the representation text/html were supported on the server wscompanycom, then the Web service would have to get data from other sources and break the rule The rule of thumb is the result of building many Web applications that make use of Web services It s difficult and complex to build a universal Web service that can support all representations Therefore, even though the theory says you should, it is simply not possible in practice What is possible is the support of formats that are similar in purpose The formats JSON, XML, and CSV are similar in that they represent data.


Connect to the Internet Access locally stored medium-strength crypto keys Connect through USB or the serial port Access GPS and other LBS resources

In this chapter, we learned how OS X clients can interact with various groupware solutions, most notably Microsoft Exchange. We also discussed heavily the new groupware options provided by Apple s latest Server OS release, 10.6 Snow Leopard, including Address Book Server, iCal Server 2, iChat Server, and the OS X mail server. In the next chapter, Mass Deployment, we discuss the various technologies and tools involved with efficiently deploying software and operating systems en masse to your entire fleet.

For an understanding of the various Microsoft Exchange roles, their interaction, and the services they provide, see the Microsoft TechNet article on Exchange 2007 at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124937.aspx For an understanding of the WebDAV implementation on Exchange 2003 and below, see the MSExchange.org article at http://www.msexchange.org/articles/Access-Exchange2000-2003-Mailbox-WebDAV.html Documentation for the Dovecot mailstore can be found at: http://wiki.dovecot.org/

Table 9-1. Application Permissions (continued)

The formats HTML, XHTML, and SWF are similar in that they represent GUI elements In a nutshell, the separation of resource from representation makes sense when the representations have similar purposes Supporting HTML Pages with Relative URLs Looking closely at Figure 5-8, you ll see that the idea of having GUI URLs identical to the service URLs sounds like a good idea, but it s questionable from an implementation perspective Referencing the blog application and Figure 4-13 in particular, notice how the GUI component is referenced using the URL /blog/indexhtml, and the services component is referenced using the URL /services/blog/entries/current In that particular example, the GUI URL doesn t.

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